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At Laure and Mickaël BERTRAND

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Rental contract to download and send by email.


No dispute regarding the price of the stay can be taken into account after the signing of the contract. It is up to the tenant to assess, before signing, if the price suits him.
The following charges are not included in the rental price and will be included, in addition, on the contract: The tourist tax, the paid options possibly subscribed by the tenant.


After receiving your reservation, we will send you a written confirmation and a contract by email. The amount of the reservation, deposit, options, charges and deposit are indicated on your contract.
We invite you to return, within a maximum period of one week, the contract signed as well as the deposit of reservation of an amount equal to 25% of the stay. Once the contract signed and the deposit received, the reservation becomes firm. By signing the contract and paying the deposit, you confirm your full agreement with the General Terms and Conditions of Sale specified below. Please note that without the payment of the deposit within the time limit, the reservation is not confirmed and that, consequently, we reserve the right to recover the accommodation.
If the amount of the deposit is paid at the time of booking, the balance of the stay, the options, the charges and the security deposit are payable upon delivery of the keys, upon arrival.
The payment of the balance is made either in cash, by check, by checks holiday (200 € minimum) or by transfer. An invoice can be issued on request.
For non-resident French tenants, payments must always be made by transfer to the bank account indicated on the contract, all bank charges remaining payable by the client.


The tenant rents our housing for a fixed term, written on the contract, and can not under any circumstances claim any right to maintain the premises.
In general, the lease can not be extended without the prior written consent of the owner, the tenant thus accepting. The lease ceases automatically upon expiration of the fixed term, without the need to give leave.


The tenant can cancel his rent at any time. However, we draw your attention to the consequences of canceling a reservation of accommodation: It entails the perception of variable fees depending on the date it intervenes. The following scale is applicable, payable by the tenant: You cancel more than 90 days before entering the premises, the cancellation fee will be 25% of the amount of your rental; you cancel between 90 and 30 days before your entry in the places, the expenses of cancellation will be 50% of the amount of your hiring; you cancel less than 30 days before your entry into the premises, the cancellation fee will be 100% of the amount of your rental.
These cancellation fees can be covered by a cancellation insurance to be subscribed individually by the tenant. Whatever the reasons for the cancellation, the tenant must notify the owner by letter or email, the date of receipt of this notice determining the scale to apply. The tenant not having warned the owner would be held to full payment of the balance.
If a case of force majeure led to the impossibility of making the accommodation available (urgent work not foreseen, water damage or various damage, climatic hazards, etc.), the entirety of the sums paid would be refunded to the tenant, without can not claim subsequent refunds. In case of cancellation, except in cases of force majeure, and at the initiative of the owner, it reimburses 150% of the sums collected.
Any stay interrupted or abbreviated, or any service not consumed, gives rise to no refund. Even in the event of repatriation, it is up to the renter to take out appropriate insurance.


We ask you to verify that you have a multi-risk holiday insurance and to send us a certificate if necessary.
The insurance intervenes in the event of cancellation of the hiring for reasons of death, accident or serious illness, it is valid from the day of the signature of the contract until the end of the hiring.


For all furnished rentals a deposit is required (deposit). This deposit must be paid on the day of arrival. It is not cashed, except in case of non-payment of charges and possible damage. It is returned after the inventory or, at most, within 15 days after the end of the lease.
The tenant agrees to use the leased premises with care. The tenant will assume, in addition to the rental fees, any damage caused to the accommodation, as well as the cost of replacement of any object lost, destroyed or deteriorated. The tenant is liable for any damage that he or the persons accompanying him may cause intentionally or negligently.


Applicable charge per person over 18 years and per night, decided and voted by the community of communes of Pays d’Olmes and payable to the Public Treasury by the owner. It is listed on the contract and is included in the rental price.


The owner or his representative receives the tenant for check-in.
The tenant must be present on the day specified at the time of his reservation, at the earliest at 15:00 (time of availability of the accommodation and time of handing over of the keys) and, at the latest, at 19:00. The tenant will inform the owner imperatively in advance, by phone (at or by email (l.bertrand.bm@gmail.com), his time of arrival so that the owner or his representative can organize and be present to host it during the aforementioned home time slot.
The inventory and departure must take place before 11:00. We insist on the respect of the agreed time: the cleaning staff intervening on very short deadlines and on several lodgings, we ask you to facilitate it the task, as we asked the tenants who preceded you.
As this rental was only granted on a seasonal basis, the tenant agrees to leave the premises at the date and time stipulated in the contract. Also having its address indicated as an address in the rental agreement, the tenant does not have the right to sublet.


The accommodation must not, under any circumstances, be occupied by a number of people greater than that indicated on the contract, unless prior and exceptional agreement of the owner. If necessary, the landlord may claim a rent supplement, or even refuse to provide the accommodation if he can not ensure that the tenant will respect the maximum number of people provided for the rental of the accommodation and in this case, no reimbursement whatsoever to the tenant can be considered.


The owner is obliged to:

  • Deliver the rented premises in good condition for use and repairs, as well as the equipment mentioned in the contract in good working order.
  • To ensure the tenant the peaceful enjoyment of the rented premises and to guarantee him vices and defects of nature to make there.
  • Maintain housing in a state of service for the intended use.
  • Provide towels and bed sheets to tenants.


The accommodation is given to the tenant in perfect state of cleanliness and storage, the appliances are clean and in perfect working order, the places (interior and exterior) do not include any mark of degradation whatsoever.

The tenant :

  • Acknowledges that the seasonal rental is entered into as a temporary and recreational residence. The premises can not be used as a main or even secondary dwelling and the tenant can not engage in any commercial, craft.
  • Must behave as a good family man and ensure the proper maintenance of the accommodation during his stay.
  • Restore the accommodation (shelter) just as clean and tidy at the end of his stay (washing and storage of the dishes, sheets and towels collected, barbecue and household appliances cleaned, washed floors, garbage removed …). Unless he took the Household option at 75 €.
  • Movable furniture and objects must suffer only from the depreciation resulting from a normal use for which they are intended. Those who, at the end of the lease, will be missing, have not been maintained or have been taken out of service, for a cause other than normal wear, will have to be paid (or replaced by the tenant with the assent from the owner). This clause also applies to painted walls, door frames and the building in general (interior and exterior).
  • The tenant undertakes to use the furniture and objects lining the dwelling for the use for which they are intended and in the places where they are. He strictly forbids transporting them outside the rented premises (especially bedding, dishes, chairs, etc …).
  • Do not sleep on the underbed, bedding or blankets. It will be retained if necessary the price of washing or cleaning blankets, mattresses, bedding, etc … which would have been stained.
  • Do nothing that, because of his or her family or relationships, could harm the tranquility of the neighborhood or others.
  • Do not eat inside the rooms (meals, snacks, drinks, baby food, etc …). A private terrace area and a dining room are arranged for this purpose and restaurants are open in town.
  • The tenant must abstain absolutely to throw in the sinks, baths, showers, sinks, toilet, etc … objects likely to obstruct the pipes (wipes, tampax, cotton buds, sanitary napkins, etc), for lack of what, it will be indebted of the expenses caused for the restoration.
  • Immediately inform the owner of any damage and damage occurring in the housing, even if it does not result in any damage.
  • Respond to damage and losses that occur by his own act or by the fact of persons in his house, during the enjoyment of housing, unless he proves that they have occurred without his fault or that of persons sus- designated.
  • In case of high heat in summer, as is done in any home, it is necessary to close the shutters and windows of the housing during the day to keep it as cool as possible, then open at night, to bring in freshness and renew the air.


The owner can not be held responsible for the neighborhood and their animals.
The owner can not be held responsible in case of possible presence of mosquitoes and various insects, irregularities and / or lack of enjoyment that may occur in the electricity services (cutting WIFI in case of wind and / or weather), mobile telephony, etc … and disclaims any liability for lack of enjoyment not coming from his fact.
Similarly, the owner can not be held responsible for the time, preventing the tenant to fully enjoy his stay, the pool area or proposed outdoor available.


  • Our pool and playground areas are common and meet the safety standards imposed by the legal provisions in force.
  • It is the responsibility of the tenant to take all the necessary precautions for the use of the swimming pool and the playground, especially if he / she stays with young children and must supervise them. He takes full responsibility for the material and bodily consequences that may result from accidents or other incidents related to the use of the swimming pool or the playground, especially for the supervision of bathers who can not swim or master.
  • The playground is not suitable for 2 year olds.
  • The renter agrees to fully release the owner’s liability in the event of an accident to himself or his family.
  • The tenant will not be able to introduce any animal in the pool area, even momentarily.
  • The pool area and common playground is open to our GITES from June to September inclusive (except for the playground which is open all year), from 10h to 12h and 14h to 19h and so to allow our tenants of the lodging Avelana adjoining which have their terrace which gives on these spaces to take their meals in all tranquility.
  • The landlord asks the tenant to respect the premises, to clean after each use, to close the parasols and to store the dishes, the chairs, the tables, the deckchair or any other material that the tenant will use so that the space remains clean and tidy for the following users.
  • Our accommodations are rented and our pool areas and playground are private places, their use is reserved exclusively for the owners and their guests, as well as our tenants for the duration of their seasonal rental => the guests and visits from our tenants are not accepted.


  • The SPA being common, it is set up a table of reservation of the latter in the room of the SPA which will have to be filled by each one to reserve the time range of use. Reservations will not be allowed 45 consecutive minutes per cottage so that no one is aggrieved.
  • A bathrobe is provided to each occupant for the use of the SPA.
  • The spa is heated for the session between 35 ° and 40 °.
  • The user of the Espace SPA agrees to respect the duration of his session.
  • The user acknowledges the full responsibility of the owner in the event of an accident occurring to himself or to any person, user or spectator of the space.
  • The user commits himself to respect the places during the session and to put away after his bath.
  • The SPA can only accommodate up to 5 people.
  • The use of the SPA for children under 10 is not recommended, for reasons of health and safety with respect to equipment, and children must always be under the responsibility of an adult.
  • The user will not be able to enter any SPA in the SPA Space, even momentarily.
  • It is forbidden to jump and / or dive into the SPA.
  • It is forbidden to have sex and / or to urinate in the SPA.
  • It is forbidden to eat in the space.
  • Water bottle (plastic only) is allowed.
  • The SPA session is 15 minutes and can not exceed 45 minutes maximum, for health reasons (see section contraindications).
  • The user agrees to be vigilant so that the session proceeds in good conditions, in accordance with these GTCS and recommendations previously given by the owner.


  • APS is contraindicated for people with heart problems, high blood pressure or low blood pressure and circulatory disorders. If the user suffers from kidney problems, diabetes, epilepsy or pregnancy, heat baths should also be avoided.
  • The use of alcohol, drugs or antihypertensive drugs is strongly discouraged before a session.
  • Avoid going to the SPA during the digestion phase. It is best to wait at least two hours after a hearty meal before going there.
  • If the user tries to quit smoking and wears patches, remove them. Increased cutaneous blood flow promotes the absorption of substances.
  • In a jacuzzi (35 to 40 °), the user must be listening to his body.
  • The user must also make sure to get up slowly when he goes out to avoid vertigo.


The tenant agrees not to introduce any pet and pet (dog, cat, …) in the housing without prior permission of the owner, the possibility of detention is subject to the fact that the animal does not cause any damage to the building nor any disturbance of enjoyment in the neighborhood.
Warned in advance, the owner will then accept a cat or a dog in the housing wise and docile (1 pet accepted per dwelling and weighing less than 10 kg).
Any animal accepted in the lodging must however, in no case and at no moment, remain alone and locked up in the lodging, on the terrace or in the garden in the absence of its masters.
No pets are allowed in the Swimming Pool Area, Playground and Espace SPA, even momentarily.


The inventory is established contradictorily between the parties, at the entrance to the premises of the tenant and the release of premises by the tenant.
In this respect, it is specified that furniture and movable objects must suffer only from the depreciation resulting from the normal use for which they are intended. Any object, equipment or household equipment lost, broken, damaged or damaged must be replaced or refunded to its replacement value by the tenant who requires it.


Options are proposed on the reservation contract of our lodgings.

  • A departure cleaning service can be chosen by the tenant of lodging: 75 €. The provision of this optional benefit means for a dwelling left in a normal state of rental use, respect and regular maintenance during the stay. We reserve the right to charge and deduct from the deposit 2 additional hours of cleaning (50 €), in addition to the cost of this optional service, that would cause a clearly abusive situation on this point.
  • Rental charges included (for normal use).
  • Baby equipment loan: high chair, cot, subject to availability. To ask when booking.